Quality Plus... Your Cleaner Greener Cleaners

Dedicated to being in the forefront of Eco Cleaning Technologies, Quality Plus “True Green Clean” approach sets standards for environmental responsibility in the dry cleaning business. Our “Evolvement” dry cleaning system features Solvon K4 (www.systemk4.com). K4 is an odorless, non-toxic and biodegradable solution. We have invested greatly in upgrading our equipment to convert from a chlorinated solvent to SystemK4, a completely safe, non-hazardous fabric cleaning process. SYSTEMK4 features the same – for some textiles even better – cleaning properties as perchloroethylene. Lipophilic and in particular water soluble soil is excellently removed. Even saline (salt based) soil is removed better with SYSTEMK4.
We also recycle all our hangers and have minimized our carbon footprint along with eco-friendly SYSTEMK4, our Green efforts help make it more safe for you, your clothes and the environment. Click here for more information on SYSTEM K4